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Weekly Review #7: The Week That KFC Used Their Disses To Launch Their New Fries

November 16, 2018 | by Lynn Nyemba

KFC // Only time will tell

KFC’s new campaign is built upon negative tweet received four years ago that criticised the brand’s fries by teasing to “new fries” coming soon.

Campaigns that call the brand out itself have actually proven to be successful marketing campaigns in the past. It’s what Domino’s did eight years ago with their “Pizza Turnaround” campaign.

After their pizzas had been described as “rubbery”, “cardboard” and “low quality”, the company entirely reworked their pizza recipe and put it through a focus group, making client feedback a crucial part of their marketing campaign.

The result? The company’s profits soared 16% in the year’s third quarter and they opened 160 new locations.

Will it work for KFC? Let’s wait and see!

– Cécile, Strategist

Sainsbury’s // Good

Oh nostalgia… A tired, tested and never tired way to make your audience fall in love.

The girl, the lisp, the setting the costumes all brings those watch back to their own, often terrible, Christmas plays at school. Whether the ad has any real meaning… does it really matter? I don’t think Christmas adverts are ever going to make people change the supermarket they shop at, but as a PR exercise, this one definitely hits the spot.

That warm fuzzy feeling, check. Cute kids, check. AND, a diversity among the audience and crowd (that doesn’t come across as either overtly forced or distinctly lacking)… CHECK. Christmas winner, CHECK.

– Bill, Strategic Planner

John Lewis // Good

Straying from the usual but still as heartwarming as their classics, John Lewis pay tribute to one of the best British artists, Elton John.

Singing one of his most beloved songs, Your Song, we trace back through the decades to John’s first Christmas with his mother and grandmother where he receives his first piano, a gift that’s more than a gift.

John Lewis’ Christmas ads are always one of my favourites, they’re guaranteed to make you shed a little tear whether happy or sad and once again they didn’t disappoint.

– Lynn, Copywriter