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Weekly Review #6: The Week That Rimmel Decided To Take A Stand

November 9, 2018 | by Lynn Nyemba

Rimmel // Good

Earlier this month, Rimmel launched an anti-bullying campaign, #IWILLNOTBEDELETED.

As part of the campaign, the brand surveyed 11,000 women aged 16-25 across 10 countries to see how many had experience cyberbullying – 1 in 4 it turns out, with 46% of them having gone to self-harm as a result.

Partnering with the Cybersmile Foundation, the brand created an AI assistant that will launch in 2019 on the Cybersmile website and give users resources to help those faced with cyberbullying.

The campaign creates a space where young people can freely share their experiences and start a conversation around beauty cyberbullying. Rita Ora and Cara Delevingn have already expressed their support.

– Cécile, Strategist

Aldi // Good

For year’s Coca Cola’s Christmas campaign’s have been sacred. The red lorry driving around the mountain bend into a quaint snowy village where villagers rejoice at its arrival. The Coca advert has, for as long as I can remember, meant Christmas is here. It’s been an untouched icon… until now.

Aldi’s campaign this year, dependent on how you look at it, either pays homage or straight up spoof on Coca Cola’s campaigns. What it definitely is, however, is clever. The ‘teaser’ trailer was released before the Coke advert so as it builds hype surrounding Christmas people will constantly mention the advert when the coke advert comes on in a ‘have you seen what Lidl did’. They’ve attached their name to the idea.

– Bill, Strategic Planner

Babylon // Meh 

When you The first campaign since winning Babylon, Karmarama have released a rather mediocre out-of-home campaign.

It’s primary purpose? Drive people to use the Babylon 24-hour GP service, to which they succeed but it lacks the creativity and finesse of Babylon’s previous campaigns with Ogilvy, which included the great search engine OOH that tackled a serious problem in a way that was relatable and funny.


– Lynn, Copywriter

Adidas // Very Good

Adidas has rolled out an ad film to celebrate its association with Real Kashmir FC.

The film conceptualised by Cheil WW shows ‘a true story from Kashmir’. Through the thoughts of an old blind man, it shows how football is uniting Kashmir in one voice following its promotion to the I-League. The film features Danish Farooq, a part of the Real Kashmir team.

– Ayesha, Account Manager