Weekly Review: The Week That Avocados Made Us Laugh

February 8, 2019 | by Lynn Nyemba

Dove – Interesting

Dove keeps pushing its positioning for real beauty, this time enlisting Kelly Rowland to promote “hair confidence”. A great anthem, a nice exploration of pop culture. Your hair your crown.

– Laurent Francois, Founder

KITH x Versace – Meh

I’m not sure if it’s the campaign or the model, or the direction but overall this fell flat for me.

While the likes of Louis Vuitton, Gucci and even Chanel are changing up and evolving, this campaign was a clear sign that Versace is falling behind on the evolution scale.

C’mon Versace, mix it up a little, add something new and ignite some passion into us again. It’s a cool brand with so much potential for something really unique and interesting but this was not it.

– Lynn Nyemba, Copywriter

Avocados From Mexico – Funny

Oh, how the tables have turned.

While everyone was dead focused on the Super Bowl LIII last Sunday, Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth hosted the 53rd Annual Human Canine Show. Yes, you read right, Human Canine, a show where the loyal Human, trained by their furry masters, compete for the ultimate prize: avocados!

Adding to the comical effect, the Top Dog ad created by Energy BBDO plays on real stereotypes, such as like human like dog, or in this case, like dog, like human.

Who had the waggiest tail? Who had the best posture? Who performed the best trick? Let’s not laugh too much though, this could be the next Black Mirror storyline.

As part of the campaign, Avocados From Mexico have partnered with Adopt a Pet on a dog matching service to encourage people to adopt. Dogs, not avocados.

– Cécile Fischer, Strategist

McDonald’s Australia – So so

The biggest asset of Mcdonald’s is their visual identity. Mcdonald’s is one of the only brands that can be recognised without a logo, by simply illustrating their iconic M.

For this campaign, they used once again their M in 2-3 colours simple summer items illustrations. A really good and smart use of their logo combined with a revamped tagline ” I’m lovin Summer “. This campaign can be a bit wrongly accepted by some as Mcdonald is promoting summer, the time of the year when people wants to feel at their best to enjoy the beach, while their main business is to sell unhealthy food.

– Lisa, Art Director