Heads-UP! #66: From Empty Towns to Star Trek Inspired Engines

November 23, 2018 | by Lynn Nyemba

  • The small town of Monowi in Nebraska has only one resident. Elsie Eiler (84) is a mayor, clerk, librarian and a bar owner. She pays herself taxes, gives herself her own liquor license, introduces herself and votes for herself in municipal elections. – Lisa
  • There are 67 Lego bricks for every person in the world – Cécile

  • A January 2018 study from McKinsey & Co. showed that executive teams with the highest ethnic and cultural diversity were 33 per cent more likely to lead profitability in their industries. Companies that lacked diversity were 29 per cent less likely to pull in high profits. – Lynn
  • The ultimate ingredient of a good lipstick is a mystery. Since it’s easy to make copies of lipstick shades that closely resemble luxury lipsticks,  brands never patent products because that would require making a proportion of ingredients public—which would only help competitors. – Ayesha
  • In France, there are cities that are considered as “municipalités” whereas no one lives there anymore. There are even mayors for these ghost-towns; most of these cities are maintained because of their history (ie: 1st World War). A way to remind us that a territory is a political construct. – Laurent
  • Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the U.S. have created an aircraft engine that has no moving parts, produces no harmful exhaust and makes no noise, by adopting a technology previously only used in spacecraft so it can power flight over the Earth. The technology is called Ion Propulsion.- Bat