Campaign of The Month: Christmas Edition

December 21, 2018 | by Lynn Nyemba

With only four sleeps until Christmas, we decided to look back on the festive period and share with you our favourite campaigns. The ones that warmed our hearts, made us chuckle…

Iceland – #NoPalmOilChristmas

Make no mistake that Iceland knew the risk of this advert when they decided to run with it for a Christmas advert. However, they also knew the rewards, both financially and environmentally, if the advert went viral… and it did.

It’s popularity online is obvious (see graph below) but did it actually make a difference? Yes, yes it did. 11% boost in mince pie sales have been noted since the release of the ad (a newly free of palm-oil product) and according to a survey it was rated top for 10 out of 12 factors for Christmas adverts for things like ‘persuasion’, ‘brand love’ and ‘enjoyment’.

I think another really impressive part of the campaign is the fact that
a) This is probably the first Iceland Christmas campaign anyone remembers. Go away Kerry Katona AND
b) The campaign is a real industry benchmark for good, one of the biggest advertising trends of this year. Following on from, among many others, Nike’s recent spate successful political advertising, it makes sense to take a stance. Especially when it is something that Iceland can actually make a difference to. Tescos, Sainsbury’s, M&S… take note.

I do have one complaint… it’s actually a short film by Greenpeace and not a Christmas advert at all… but who really cares? I bloody love it, and so should you.

Orange – The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

For many years, brands have produced special Christmas and festive season ads. Similar to the Superbowl ones, they became a yearly rendez-vous that nobody misses.

As Christmas is about family, happiness and sharing, most of the brands take the path of a happy, joyful scenario, showcasing families enjoying the best time of the year.

For this 2018 Christmas edition, the French multinational telecommunication company, played on a different level. Indeed, this ad made by Publicis Conseil uses for once, all the bad things that happen during this period, no cute animals, no tears.

In a musical setting, you can follow the different characters on their way through the hell of Christmas, injuries, family fights, organisation disasters…

An offbeat idea that makes you laugh and destress for these last moments before the D-Day. Everybody can relate this add to one event of his own life.

More than the really good movie direction, this ad comes along with a song that you can’t forget, a real key to mass success.

Aldi – Kevin The Carrot Christmas Cliff Hanger

Kevin’s back!

Aldi has returned for the third year with Kevin the Carrot, this lovable character that everyone loves but the ASA that banned Aldi’s alcohol ad which they felt was likely to appeal to children.

This year, Kevin’s driving a truck not unlike the Coca-Cola Christmas truck which tours the UK every year. In fact, everything down to the music (“There’s a carrot coming to town” is my new favourite Christmas song) is reminiscent of Coke’s ads.

It’s not the first time that an agency –here McCann UK, that brought the character to life two years ago– parodies the soda giant, but it sure is the cutest, and… scariest?

The mountain drive ends in a literal cliff hanger, which I like to believe ends well.

Moral of the story: be careful when driving this winter.

John Lewis – #EltonJohnLewis

Would any list of the best Christmas ads be complete without John Lewis? Every year they find new ways to touch our hearts and this year wasn’t an exception.

Straying from the usual but still as heartwarming as their classics, John Lewis pay tribute to one of the best British artists, Elton John. With a clever play on their mutual name of John.

Singing one of his most beloved songs, Your Song, we trace back through the decades to John’s first Christmas with his mother and grandmother where he receives his first piano, a gift that’s more than a gift.

John Lewis’ Christmas ads are always one of my favourites, they’re guaranteed to make you shed a little tear whether happy or sad and once again they didn’t disappoint.