Heads-UP! #47: From Camel Shaped Giraffes To Sleep Pods

Hello! We’re finally settled in our new headquarters and have some exciting things coming your way but until then… Welcome to this week’s Heads-UP!

  • Back with my giraffe facts! Until the 17th century, the English called the giraffe a “camelopard” because of its camel-like shape and leopard-like robe. The misapprehension lingers today in the animal’s linnaean name: Giraffa camelopardalis – Cécile
  • None 10 most complained about adverts in last year in the UK were actually banned… – Bill

  • In 2016, a university in Canada installed two sleep pods in the library. A dream come true for many students who just want to take a comfy nap during an all-night study session. – Lynn

  • The hashtag arrived on keyboard in 1870 – Valeria 


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