Heads-UP! #46: From Little Black Dresses To Beer Bricks

Salutations! This week we’ve really been getting into our brands, learning about projects that didn’t quite make it and which ones are fond of gifting 😉 So, let our facts blow your mind or at least peak your interests…

Black dresses represent 38.5% of total dresses sold online in the US (it is based on an analysis of more than 183,000 dresses online by retail technology firm EDITED). – Laurent

  1. Blacks: 38.5%
  2. Whites: 10.7%
  3. Greys: 10.4%
  4. Pinks: 6.2%
  5. Navies: 5%
  6. Blues: 4.8%
  7. Reds: 4.7%
  8. Browns: 4.5%
  9. Neutrals: 3.5%
  10. All others: 11.7%


  • In the ultimate upcycling spirit, Heineken once made beer bottles that doubled as bricks…. – Lynn
  • The act of accepting payments, gifts and services in exchange for favourable coverage, links or mentions in the media is called payola journalism. PR agents can offer anything from $500 (HuffPost) to $1.2k (Forbes) to journalists for a covert mention – Cécile

  • In an Ikea ad released in 1994, two men were pictured shopping for furniture together. It’s widely speculated that this is the first time a gay couple appeared in an advertisement. – Valeria


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