Heads-UP! #40: From Beetle Lipstick to The Boston Symphony Orchestra

Welcome to our 40th edition of Heads-UP! This week we’ve been getting crafty, we discovered the hundreds of ways you can make you’re own natural makeup at home and learnt that chocolate does make you smarter (kind of).

  • The Aztecs used beetles to make red lipstick.- Myriam
  • In 2008, a man named Mike Merrill sold shares… of himself. Giving his shareholders deciding power on important life decisions like whether or not he should get a vasectomy. – Lynn
  • Chocolate doesn’t just make you happy… apparently, it makes you a noble prize winner – Bill

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  • In 1952, the CIA flew the Boston Symphony Orchestra on a European tour to counter prejudices of the US being uncultured and unsophisticated – Cécile
  • When 3G became the new normal in large cities, accidents to children rose by 10%. Attention disorder? – Laurent
  • Two days before Britain declared war on Germany (WWII) the plug was pulled on the BBC, leading to the channel being off the air for nearly seven years. A Mickey Mouse cartoon was the last show to air on the screen. – Krish


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