Heads-UP #19: From Lord Buckethead to Snapchat Spectacles

MANY Theresa May memes, a hung parliment and WE GOT SNAPCHAT SPECTACLES! We’re RE-UP and welcome to Heads-UP, a round up of the most interesting things the team has learnt over the past few weeks. Without further ado…

  • I learnt about Lord Buckethead. A genuine person, or should I say ‘intergalatic space lord’ who ran for MP in Maidenhead. He got a record 249 votes and some great photos with less than impressed Theresa May. See his manifesto below… – Bill

  • The internet sends approximately 204 million emails per minute and 70% of all the emails sent are spam. – Myriam
  • Eating raw cookie dough is the hottest trend in NYC and it’s now arriving in Europe thanks to Naked Dough in London. – Laurent

  • This will sound silly to Alien fans but I learnt that Alien: Prometheus & Covenant take place before the first Alien movie in the timeline of the Alien cycle. Also, Ridley Scott is turning 80 this year. – Fabienne
  • I learnt that babies start processing language like adults at two days old. – Laura
  • I also learnt that Snapchat Spectacles are AWESOME. Gracias bosses. – Bill & the team.


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