Heads-UP #6: From Fine Watchmaking to Beckham’s boots

Everyone needs something to wind down on a Friday afternoon, right? So here it is… Let your brain relax and your mind be blown with the most interesting things the team from RE-UP have learnt this week!

  • Comme Des Garcons handles all the production of Gosha Rubinchinskiy’s clothing – so in theory he could make his clothing of the highest quality materials and standard of finish, he just chooses not to. – Bill
  • David Beckham gives Victoria a run for her money as he owns over a thousand pairs of football boots. – Krish
  • Lunar information featured on every Vietnamese calendar imply that each day is influenced by special forces. And this year, we’ll celebrate 13 moons…Intriguing! – Laurent
  • I learnt, thanks to Tina, that last year in Chinese a millionaire bought a house through social media platform WeChat without even seeing it in real life – Efrem
  • M&M’s chocolate stands for the initials for its inventors Mars and Murrie – Tina
  • I learnt that there are 30 schools of Haute Horlogerie (Fine Watchmaking) in Switzerland – Andrea
  • I learn that Facebook may be good for your health: Studies show that staying in touch with family and friends can ward off memory loss and help you live longer. – Laura

And there we have it folks, a little round up of the most interesting things the RE-UP team learnt this past week. Have a great weekend and we hope to see you at the same time next week!


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