Fondation Haute Horlogerie: digital transformation


Fine watchmaking has something close to magics. The Fondation Haute Horlogerie, which only consecrates the most luxurious luxury watches brands, wanted to operate its digital transformation to reach 4 goals: connect deeper and deeper with fine watchmaking lovers; become the influencer of influencers; engage with the younger audience; develop new services to make fine watchmaking even stronger and more inspiring in the long run.


We’ve helped in transforming the Journal’s editorial team of the Journal into a very digital savvy squad, making their stunning understanding of luxury and expertise in fine watchmaking into a sought-after “social currency” for communities of luxury brands lovers and collectors. We’re part of their editorial team, working in a highly collaborative way.

We’ve developed and implemented digital and social media strategy, making Fondation Haute Horlogerie thought-leadership content a topic while creating ties with all top influencers regarding luxury watches.

We’re shaping the editorial and digital strategy regarding their current and future web and business developments.

We’re also monitoring and analyzing social media conversations & signals, in order to create indicators, dashboards, which allow us to provide a deep understanding of products, trends, communities that matter the most or that have the highest potential to work with.


Creative, editorial and strategic team: RE-UP



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Social media assets (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

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