FAB Beauty (L’Oréal): uplifting professional beauty industry


Professional beauty suffers from a strong competition: YouTubers, indie brands launching their own practice, peer-to-peer marketplaces. It was time to uplift the amazing skills hairstylists and hair salons share with their clients, and to give the mic to talents across the world. The idea was to create ties across beauty professionals to both value their know-how and also educate to some extent beauty enthusiasts to discover and experience new beauty moments.


We built up an integrated editorial team, made of senior beauty editors, community specialists, SEO experts. Working hand-in-hand with a network of 20+ journalists across the world, we were acting as a truly independent media.

We’ve created all digital/social media assets to manage, grow, inspire a community of 50K+ beauty professionals while implementing social media activities with salons to raise their own profiles.

We’ve also developed trendspotting content, both using social listening methodologies and following Fashion Weeks to scout hair identities.


Creative and strategic team: RE-UP

Senior beauty consultant: Valentine Pétry

Editor-in-chief: Daphné Segretain



Website article, content, film

Social media assets (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

Photography & videos