Heads-UP #2: from racist presidents to chimpanzee’s bums

So here we have it folks, our second edition of Heads-UP. A weekly round up of the most interesting – and sometimes bordering bizarre – facts that the RE-UP team

Social battle #9: Do you think a human will ever fall in love with a robot?

A couple of weeks ago we posted a newsletter discussing the possibility of humans falling in love with robots. You’ve all seen the films and documentaries and now you’ve read

Social Battle #7: Do You Love Emojis?

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, which is maybe the reason why people feel so strongly about the way in which emojis represent modern society. What Guardian journalist

Augmented Reality: A Reality-Check for Successful Approaches

Pokémon Go has proven the massive impact that augmented reality can achieve when cooking with community-building ingredients. At the very core of any augmented reality thinking, there is a social

Social Battle #5: Pokémon GO!

It seem quite common now to hear arguments claiming that digital technology, the Internet and social media is disconnecting individuals from society and physical interactions. As social psychologist Sherry Turkle

Instagram for Art and Fashion

A few weeks ago, a few members of the team grabbed their pens and papers and headed over to a lecture with Frieze. The subject? How to implement an effective

Social Media Copywriter Role

Are you a social media sponge who loves to soak up the words that run across platforms? If so, then we’re looking for you!   We are searching for a

RE-UPdate #37: Exploring Digital Experiences

This week our team has been working very hard trying to push through the final stages of several projects.   Our Operations Manager Efrem has been continuing to liaise with

RE-UPdate #36: Creative Strategies and Visual Identities

This week much of the team have been focusing their efforts on helping to develop and enhance the creative identity and digital presence for French fashion shoe brand Méduse.