Kérastase | New Instagram Identity & Community approach

The background

In 2016, Kérastase approached us in order to rethink their Instagram strategy; with a new mergin of all their local accounts into a global one, it was time for a relevant approach.

Kérastase is a social media powerhouse: with thousands of hair salons across the world, the brand is notified hundreds of time per day, directly from hairdressers or their clients while they are experiencing an hair cut or an hair treatment.

The Challenges for RE-UP

1 – Create both a valuable experience for the hair lovers and the hair professionals

2 – Understand the social cues between diverse consumers in 25+ markets, from Brazil to Japan

3 – Implement performance-based content system while also maintaining and elevating brand image

4 – …make it happen by using only organic elements



We’ve audited thousands of photos and videos shared on Instagram to define a “magic equation” and set up key rules to reach success. We’ve also created a typology of hair lovers, helping the brand in understanding what are the key influencers regarding haircare and hairstyle.


We’ve totally redefined the content system: now 80% fueled with UGC, we’ve also worked with our friends SOS in Bel Air to rethink product shootings.

We’ve industrialized the content production, applying our Russian Dolls approach.

We’ve created a strong process, editorial tools and an international coordination plan to make sure that the assets are understood and implemented.


Thanks to the network of L’Oréal, the account is managed 24/7; it allows Kérastase to reply to followers in their local languages, while also feeding HQ with inspiring content.

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