Heads-UP #19: From Lord Buckethead to Snapchat Spectacles

MANY Theresa May memes, a hung parliment and WE GOT SNAPCHAT SPECTACLES! We’re RE-UP and welcome to Heads-UP, a round up of the most interesting things the team has learnt

Heads-UP #18: From octopus sex to cities called Rome

Welcome to #factfriday ladies and gentlemen. For those of you who don’t know what goes on, the RE-UP team tell you the most interesting and sometimes (Marco, we’re looking at

Heads-UP #16: From Ralph Lauren to Genderless Hair

Here’s our #factfriday, although if you’re still in the office reading it we’re judging you little bit. Pin it, save it, bookmark it, email it to friends and read it

Heads-UP #15: From uber flights to traditional chinese

Fannie : Uber wants to take its ride-hailing service to the skies. In 2020 you could book a flight like you take a Uber… Marco: A cat has 32 muscles

Heads-UP #14: From Kit-Kats to sharks blinking

We’re here again for our 14th edition of Heads-UP and, nearly, our fantastic, brilliant and utter wonderful strategic planner Bill’s 24th birthday tomorrow. He may or may not write these

Heads-UP #13: From The NeverEnding Story to London tube prices

It’s that time again folks, this week’s #factfriday is an interesting one… and it includes The NeverEnding Story. We all love The NeverEnding Story. Check out what the RE-UP team

Heads up #12 – From Twitter complaints to billboards

Hey hey, sorry it’s late guys! It was a busy week in the RE-UP office last week But we’re here now, so fear not. I know, I know, sorry we

RE-UPdate #48: From Amsterdam to Africa

Jeez, is April over already?! With the exception of being slightly chatty over the return of Game of Thrones (there was a ‘few fingers in ears’ moments on Monday), we’ve

RE-UPdate #47: Luxury Watches, Premium Beauty and Cutting-Edge Fashion

This week the RE-UP team have been looking to delve deeper into a bunch of new projects that will be kicking-off throughout the year.   First-up, with the RE-UP team