RE-UPdate #48: From Amsterdam to Africa

Jeez, is April over already?! With the exception of being slightly chatty over the return of Game of Thrones (there was a ‘few fingers in ears’ moments on Monday), we’ve

RE-UPdate #47: Luxury Watches, Premium Beauty and Cutting-Edge Fashion

This week the RE-UP team have been looking to delve deeper into a bunch of new projects that will be kicking-off throughout the year.   First-up, with the RE-UP team

RE-UPdate #46: #BeatTheBuzz. #FriezeAcademy. #F8Conference.

Creativity To The Fore!   So this week we’ve been doing what we do best… being strategically innovative and creatively minded. Whether it’s measuring the pulse of the latest social

RE-UPdate #43: Refreshing, Rebranding and RE-UPing!

The RE-UP team is happy to announce that we’ve now launched the new Shiseido Switzerland Facebook page! While it is still in its early days of life, we are now

RE-UPdate #42: Social Buzz For Social Content

This week, we reached sky-high heights – without the fear. Yep, that’s right, with Shiseido’s brand new campaign with the very handsome freestyle skier Kevin Rolland, we sat here in

RE-UPdate #41: Thrill-Seeking Beauty Campaign Set To Launch!

This week the RE-UP team have been propelling forward a new thrill-seeking campaign for Shiseido Men featuring French freestyle skier Kévin Rolland (best known for winning several medals at the

RE-UPdate #40: Copywriting, Client Liaising and Kanye West

It’s just another Friday in the RE-UP office…   …And by that I mean we’re all incredibly tired from a hard week’s work.   For starters our team has been

RE-UPdate #39: Creative Workshops and Marketing Lectures

It’s been an action packed week at RE-UP HQ.   One of our highlights was on Tuesday, when the team was joined by a group of design students from Ravensbourne

RE-UPdate #38: Khoollect Goes Live!

After months of blood, toil, sweat and (on occasion) tears, we can finally announce that the Khoollect site has launched!   A project that has taken us from researching the