Heads-UP #26: From Advertising History to Pizza Pics

Welcome, welcome to the latest edition of Heads-UP, the teams weekly collection of interesting, quirky and occasionally eerie facts! This week we’ve tried to define the intangible ‘holistic beauty’ and

Heads-UP #25

Welcome to the latest Heads-Up, our weekly round up of interesting and occasionally weird facts. This week we learnt a lot about women in the market and and just how

Heads-UP #24: From Alcohol Eating Bacteria to Lord of The Rings

Welcome to this week’s Heads-UP, a collection of the teams favorite facts from the week. This week we learnt Coke really does make you happy and brushing up on our

Heads-UP #23: From fashionable pay outs to true love

Welcome to the latest edition of Heads-Up. Our weekly does of sweet, cool and sometimes, down right weird facts. This week the team learnt about growing baby names and the

Heads-UP #22 From Dying Languages to Radioactive Watches

This week has been filled with lots of new tech innovations,scandolous sex cults and of course a good British thunderstorm. and with that welcome to HEADS-UP, our weekly round up

Heads-UP #21: From Polar Bears’ Skin to Facebook Friends

The average (mean) number of friends on Facebook  is 338.  – Myriam Walmart is the largest seller of firearms in the U.S.. – Maïa There are 2 types of snakes:

Heads-UP #20: From swimming pool saliva to Lonely Whales

Welcome to the latest and… well… weirdest #factfriday to date. The team learnt a lot about animals and apparently managed to mould spit into the conversation as well. Sit back,

Heads-UP #19: From Lord Buckethead to Snapchat Spectacles

MANY Theresa May memes, a hung parliment and WE GOT SNAPCHAT SPECTACLES! We’re RE-UP and welcome to Heads-UP, a round up of the most interesting things the team has learnt

Heads-UP #18: From octopus sex to cities called Rome

Welcome to #factfriday ladies and gentlemen. For those of you who don’t know what goes on, the RE-UP team tell you the most interesting and sometimes (Marco, we’re looking at