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Heads-UP #10: From green mirrors to Guan-xi

Hey guys, it’s the 10th edition of Heads-UP and we know you’ve all got that #factfriday #fridayfeeling. Too many hashtags? We don’t care! Sit back and find out the most

Social battle #11: Do you think the Post-Soviet fashion trend is ethnically challenging?

Gosha Rubchinskiy is forefronting a fashion trend that no one really saw coming. Post Soviet fashion is, essentially, how the lower classes in post soviet nations dress. Think big coats,

Heads-UP #9 – From curved bananas to Pablo Escobar

We’re back for #factfriday, with the best, most interesting and often weirdest things we’ve learnt this week. Get that cup of tea ready and have a little break before the

Heads-UP #7: From watch advertising to Quentin Tarantino

It’s that time again folks! Have a look at a weekly round-up of the most interesting facts the RE-UP learnt this week and start to wind down for the weekend:

Social battle #10: Have patches from punk origins been ruined by high fashion houses?

Embroidered patches were one of the biggest fashion trends of 2016 and are still continuing to prove popular this year. How has this trend come to be? It started in

Unicef embraces togetherness trend with #refugeeswelcome

A couple of weeks ago Donald Trump’s immigration ban shocked the world. Unicef (and brands around the world) hit back. Unicefs #refugeeswelcome campaign is trying to do exactly what it

Heads-UP #4 – From Mark Zuckerberg to Chinese time zones

DID YOU KNOW? 98% of facts in conversation are made up on the spot… No no, we’re just messing, we made that up on the spot. However, the cultural, political,

Heads-UP #3: From driverless cars to old school Nokia’s

It’s that time of again guys, your weekly dose of facts from the guys at RE-UP. I know you’re all tired by this point of the week, so sit back,

Heads-UP #2: from racist presidents to chimpanzee’s bums

So here we have it folks, our second edition of Heads-UP. A weekly round up of the most interesting – and sometimes bordering bizarre – facts that the RE-UP team