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Social battle #10: Have patches from punk origins been ruined by high fashion houses?

Embroidered patches were one of the biggest fashion trends of 2016 and are still continuing to prove popular this year. How has this trend come to be? It started in

Heads-UP #1: From Vegan Oreos to Magic Watches

Agency life can be tough. Sometimes we just need five minutes to ourselves where we can scroll through the vast planes on the world wide web and find some, quite

Social Battle #8: Is there a threat to traditional agencies as brands turn into publishers?

Big brands creating their own media houses is nothing new. It’s something brands like Red Bull have been doing for years. But the scariest part for agencies, is watching others

Social battle #4: Is the portrayal of women in advertising fair?

Two years worth of global ad research and studying by Unilever has found that from the women surveyed, 40% did not identify in any way with women they see in

Does Tinder Get a Left Swipe?

Tinder and the new dating apps are not offering love. They’re not even offering sex. They are providing an alternative to the validation process of meeting someone. In an era

How to do social media marketing across cultures and create an effective global strategy.

“Cultures cross like ships in the night”. This is how Amartya Sen described London a few years ago, referring to its wide diversity of communities, religions, beliefs and ethnicities. However,

Instagram Strategies for Brands: Dope Dealers or Naive Believers?

The recent Facebook announcements for brands regarding what can be done on Instagram (finally!) are still pretty disappointing. The story is very similar to Tumblr; Instagram promises marketers a sort

To What Extent Has Social Media Changed The Nature of Tribes?

So, what are tribes? Tribes, a social group of people who are connected to each other through a shared idea or interest – often situated outside or rejecting mainstream culture

Can brands be human when tragedy strikes?

If you’re not adding value, say nothing Is it ok for brands to build content from a tragedy? If it’s not and business as usual approach is taken, is it