5 minutes with Matthieu Chéreau (Tigerlily) on Social Business & digital channels management

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We’ve been using Tigerlily platform a lot for our clients. We wanted to get  some views on the future of social business and digital channels management by Tigerlily’s CEO, Matthieu

“Design is a business solution that shapes user experience, which is crucial for any digital activities” Tim Ho, Salt Creatives

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Tim Ho and Laurent met thanks to Ogilvy family. As they’ve deciced to go for entrepreneurial mights and magics, but that they share some visions, they are now partners for

“Good business is the best art”: when Art Direction meets Social Media Marketing

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Vu Quan and Laurent know each other pretty well. They’ve done Sciences Po together, and they now blog on Le Boulevardier and Hit Bag. They’re also more and more involved