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Heads-UP #34: From google maps to clicking phones

Hi guys and welcome to this week’s edition of Heads-UP; the most weird and wonderful facts the RE-UP team have learnt this week. Here they are: In the 1830’s Ketchup

Heads-Up #32: From Recycled Jeans to The Return of Blue Planet

Hello, and welcome, to this week’s Heads-UP.  This week, we put on our hard hats and got digging to learn all about new recycling initiatives and how one of the

Heads-UP #30: From Controversial Toilets to Banned Ads

Welcome to the latest edition of Heads-Up! This week, we debated over the newest iPhone release and discovered that goldfish actually have a longer attention span than we do! According

Heads-UP #18: From octopus sex to cities called Rome

Welcome to #factfriday ladies and gentlemen. For those of you who don’t know what goes on, the RE-UP team tell you the most interesting and sometimes (Marco, we’re looking at

A typology of chatbots: From ordering pizza to talking to the dead

2016 was a funny old year. We lost some of the greats and gained some of the… not so great, Donald I’m looking at you (all views are my own

Heads-UP #6: From Fine Watchmaking to Beckham’s boots

Everyone needs something to wind down on a Friday afternoon, right? So here it is… Let your brain relax and your mind be blown with the most interesting things the

Heads-UP #5: From head banging to crocodile tears

It’s that time again ladies and gentlemen. Sit back, relax, and look at the most interesting facts from the RE-UP team learnt over week. Welcome to Heads-UP… I learnt I

Chatbots: all you need to know with Laurent Burdin (Space and Lemon)

Laurent Burdin is the founder of Berlin/Hamburg based “Space and Lemon” Innovation Agency. Space and Lemon focuses on digital trend scouting and Chatbot & AI development for larger corporations. As

Heads-UP #2: from racist presidents to chimpanzee’s bums

So here we have it folks, our second edition of Heads-UP. A weekly round up of the most interesting – and sometimes bordering bizarre – facts that the RE-UP team