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The Disappearance Of The Travel Blogger

When travel blogging became a thing, I was just about to take the big “digital nomad” leap. That was only a couple of years ago – back in 2014 or

Heads-UP! #42: From Frisbees to the Unsung Heroes of Science

Welcome back! We are kicking off our first week in Amsterdam with a jam-packed edition of Heads-UP! So sit back, take a break and enjoy this collection of unusual, hilarious

Heads-UP! #41: From Star Wars to Giraffes

Welcome to one of our last Heads-UP for the year! This week we’ve been brushing up on our media law and we’ve majorly been into giraffes, which, as we now

Heads-UP! #40: From Beetle Lipstick to The Boston Symphony Orchestra

Welcome to our 40th edition of Heads-UP! This week we’ve been getting crafty, we discovered the hundreds of ways you can make you’re own natural makeup at home and learnt

StylistLive – A Call To Action

Every year, Stylist holds a beauty and lifestyle event that encapsulates the content featured in their magazine; beauty represented in the form of braid bars and social issues in the

Heads-UP: From Archery to Wiretapping

Welcome all, to our latest edition of Heads-UP! A collection of underrated, useful and interesting facts. This week we had a think about the origins of things and found some somewhat

Heads-UP #38: From Kanye West to the Norovirus

Unfortunately the headline isn’t true… Although we think it would be kind of funny. Find out the weirdest and most interesting facts the RE-UP team have learnt this week here:

Heads-UP! #37: From Spam Factories to Gun Powder

Hello! We are RE-UP and this is our weekly collection of fun and fab, facts. This week, we got into the Halloween spirit of consumerism and found out you can

Heads-UP #36: From Fruity Sound Effects to Tiggers And Bears

Roll up, roll up, this week we take you behind the scenes of our most beloved films and TV shows. We discover that green screens aren’t just green for the