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A typology of chatbots: From ordering pizza to talking to the dead

2016 was a funny old year. We lost some of the greats and gained some of the… not so great, Donald I’m looking at you (all views are my own

Social Battle #6: Are Social Media Channels Becoming Less Unique?

It seems Instagram have caused a little controversy with their new Stories feature, which many have pointed out is pretty much a copycat version of Snapchat’s own Stories feature. It

Social battle #4: Is the portrayal of women in advertising fair?

Two years worth of global ad research and studying by Unilever has found that from the women surveyed, 40% did not identify in any way with women they see in

Does Tinder Get a Left Swipe?

Tinder and the new dating apps are not offering love. They’re not even offering sex. They are providing an alternative to the validation process of meeting someone. In an era

Luxury Can be Yours… For a Limited Time Only

In our hyper connected world, patience is no longer a virtue – rather instant gratification is the new norm. Waiting for things is now viewed as archaic in the business

Perfecting Packaging

Today is your birthday! Okay, maybe it isn’t, but it’s likely that you’ve celebrated it this year. Whether you’ve celebrated it this year or not, I would like you to

Digital Press: Shifting From Free News to a Paid For Model

A few weeks ago, The New York Times announced that they reached more than 1 million online subscribers. Given the complicated shifting process of traditional written media into online news,

Smartphones: true necessity or symptomatic addiction?

We are addicted to smartphones – at a personal level at least. But then, being part of the RE-UP gang and working in the digital field makes it clear: whether

Brand Impact: What Are We Looking For, Where Are We Going To Find It and How Are We Going To Measure It?

“In today’s marketing and media environment only the naive and foolish confuse presence with impact” – Steven J. Heyer, former COO of the Coca-Cola Company A study conducted by The