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A typology of chatbots: From ordering pizza to talking to the dead

2016 was a funny old year. We lost some of the greats and gained some of the… not so great, Donald I’m looking at you (all views are my own

Social Battle #8: Is there a threat to traditional agencies as brands turn into publishers?

Big brands creating their own media houses is nothing new. It’s something brands like Red Bull have been doing for years. But the scariest part for agencies, is watching others

Social Battle #6: Are Social Media Channels Becoming Less Unique?

It seems Instagram have caused a little controversy with their new Stories feature, which many have pointed out is pretty much a copycat version of Snapchat’s own Stories feature. It

Perfecting Packaging

Today is your birthday! Okay, maybe it isn’t, but it’s likely that you’ve celebrated it this year. Whether you’ve celebrated it this year or not, I would like you to

Smartphones: true necessity or symptomatic addiction?

We are addicted to smartphones – at a personal level at least. But then, being part of the RE-UP gang and working in the digital field makes it clear: whether

Brand Impact: What Are We Looking For, Where Are We Going To Find It and How Are We Going To Measure It?

“In today’s marketing and media environment only the naive and foolish confuse presence with impact” – Steven J. Heyer, former COO of the Coca-Cola Company A study conducted by The

The Art of Straplines

‘Think Different’ – personally, I’m not Apple’s number one fan, but man – they’ve got it right. It’s a perfect strapline. It encapsulates everything a strapline should be about –

Breaking into YouTube

The rise of the YouTube generation – we’ve been talking about it for years, so much so that it’s very much a risen loaf of a generation and the ‘dough’

The Impact of New Automotive Technology

Recently, at Digital Shoreditch I gave a talk about the new opportunities that brands and businesses could potentially gain in regards to recent and developing aspects of automotive technology, and