Heads-UP! #41: From Star Wars to Giraffes
RE-UP team | 8 December

Welcome to one of our last Heads-UP for the year! This week we’ve been brushing up on our media law

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Heads-UP! #40: From Beetle Lipstick to The Boston Symphony Orchestra
RE-UP team | 24 November

Welcome to our 40th edition of Heads-UP! This week we’ve been getting crafty, we discovered the hundreds of ways you

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StylistLive – A Call To Action
RE-UP team | 20 November

Every year, Stylist holds a beauty and lifestyle event that encapsulates the content featured in their magazine; beauty represented in

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Heads-UP: From Archery to Wiretapping
RE-UP team | 17 November

Welcome all, to our latest edition of Heads-UP! A collection of underrated, useful and interesting facts. This week we had a

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Heads-UP #38: From Kanye West to the Norovirus
RE-UP team | 10 November

Unfortunately the headline isn’t true… Although we think it would be kind of funny. Find out the weirdest and most

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Heads-UP! #37: From Spam Factories to Gun Powder
RE-UP team | 3 November

Hello! We are RE-UP and this is our weekly collection of fun and fab, facts. This week, we got into

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Heads-UP #36: From Fruity Sound Effects to Tiggers And Bears
RE-UP team | 27 October

Roll up, roll up, this week we take you behind the scenes of our most beloved films and TV shows.

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Social Battle: Holistic beauty, marketing ploy or genuine change?
RE-UP team | 24 October

Beauty trends come and go but some things stay with us. In our last newsletter, we sought to examine whether

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Heads-UP #35: From Chinese Meatballs to Paris Syndrome
RE-UP team | 20 October

Welcome! As usual, we’ve collected a bunch of thought-provoking, fun and sometimes useless-but-cool facts! This week we learnt that Paris

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Heads-UP #34: From google maps to clicking phones
RE-UP team | 13 October

Hi guys and welcome to this week’s edition of Heads-UP; the most weird and wonderful facts the RE-UP team have

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Campaign of the Month: ASOS – ‘Go play’
RE-UP team | 11 October

One of the latest campaigns on this topic that has drawn my attention is the ‘go play’ campaign released by

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Heads-UP #33: From Mushroom Leather to Queen Beyonce
RE-UP team | 6 October

YAAAY! It’s October and we are so ready for Halloween. We’ve been brushing up on our classic horrors and 0f

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