Author: Zoe Parkinson

Breaking into YouTube

The rise of the YouTube generation – we’ve been talking about it for years, so much so that it’s very much a risen loaf of a generation and the ‘dough’

Can brands be human when tragedy strikes?

If you’re not adding value, say nothing Is it ok for brands to build content from a tragedy? If it’s not and business as usual approach is taken, is it

Gen-der-eralising in advertising…

…it shouldn’t be a men VS women issue anymore I’m not usually one to jump on the gender rights band wagon – wait that sounds wrong doesn’t it?

Creativity: getting the balance right

What is creativity and more importantly creative process? It’s something we all talk about in agency land – but it’s a difficult thing to get right. Creativity is something we

Content, content everywhere – but not enough to sing about

First you have to give (the consumer) something – then later ask (click here, sign up, buy this, like us, etc). People want relationships with brands, but they expect the experience will be meaningful and

Facebook Paper – new kid on the block

“Paper makes storytelling more beautiful with an immersive design and fullscreen, distraction-free layouts,” Facebook said in a blog post announcing their new service that launched on Monday. “We’ve also made

The Internet of things: More data, less guessing

‘More than half of UK consumers (54%) expect brands to use the latest technology to understand when it is the right time to connect with them’ ~ Microsoft/Brand Republic survey

Tell me a story brand x…

In my opinion, too many brands are getting lazy. Not all brands – but as I stood on the underground platform the other day I become aware of two OOH