Author: Laurent Francois

Do brands really need to tell a story?

Storytelling. Telling a story. This idea has been around business long before the digital era. Whether it was to sell the best pair of boots, or to manipulate public opinion,

Augmented Reality: A Reality-Check for Successful Approaches

Pokémon Go has proven the massive impact that augmented reality can achieve when cooking with community-building ingredients. At the very core of any augmented reality thinking, there is a social

How to do social media marketing across cultures and create an effective global strategy.

“Cultures cross like ships in the night”. This is how Amartya Sen described London a few years ago, referring to its wide diversity of communities, religions, beliefs and ethnicities. However,

Instagram Strategies for Brands: Dope Dealers or Naive Believers?

The recent Facebook announcements for brands regarding what can be done on Instagram (finally!) are still pretty disappointing. The story is very similar to Tumblr; Instagram promises marketers a sort

Digital Love: How We Fall in Love in the Era of Social Media

If Internet is made of servers, cables and electronic components, the magic of its technological chemistry lies in our ability to make it an emotional territory.

The Ping Pong Effect in Social Media Communities: #DIESELREBOOT Case Study

There’s something tremendously powerful in the relationship between Social Media communities and brands: as more and more networks tend to generate some sorts of filter bubble, it now becomes very

Why Katy Perry New Music Video “Roar” Reveals Millennials’ Digital Behaviors

“Roar,” the latest music video by Katy Perry, has a massive buzz. It shows a day-long WhatsApp group chat between the star and her friends. It also offers interesting insights

Adobe Social’s Emi Hofmeister on the Future of Marketing

After Adobe Summit in London, the whole Social Media industry was enthusiastic with the new solutions launched by Adobe. Even more promising: the integration of Adobe Creative Cloud with Adobe

The revenge of Subcultures / what we’ve said during Digital Shoreditch

We were talking last year on SMT about the growing role of underground communities and their impact on brand equity. It’s still surprising that brands don’t consider more cautiously the