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Heads-UP! #48: From French Backpacks To Instagram Beauty Standards

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Round-up, round-up, it’s time for Heads-UP! Let us entertain, shock and entice you with this week’s facts… It would cost the average, non-influencer or celebrity human roughly $31,400 a year

Heads-UP! #47: From Camel Shaped Giraffes To Sleep Pods

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Hello! We’re finally settled in our new headquarters and have some exciting things coming your way but until then… Welcome to this week’s Heads-UP! Back with my giraffe facts! Until the

Heads-UP! #46: From Little Black Dresses To Beer Bricks

Salutations! This week we’ve really been getting into our brands, learning about projects that didn’t quite make it and which ones are fond of gifting 😉 So, let our facts

Heads-UP! #45: From Wine Thieves To Soaring Apps

Welcome to this week’s Heads-UP! We’ve been buckling down and taking a closer look at our industry and the some of the intriguing statistics. So, as always prepare to be

Heads-UP! #43: From Money Making Toys To Commercial Overload

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Welcome, welcome, this week we’ve been studying up on our Amsterdam trivia and getting a little too familiar with our local vending machines (there goes that resolution!). So, look and

Heads-UP! #42: From Frisbees to the Unsung Heroes of Science

Welcome back! We are kicking off our first week in Amsterdam with a jam-packed edition of Heads-UP! So sit back, take a break and enjoy this collection of unusual, hilarious

Heads-UP! #41: From Star Wars to Giraffes

Welcome to one of our last Heads-UP for the year! This week we’ve been brushing up on our media law and we’ve majorly been into giraffes, which, as we now

Heads-UP! #40: From Beetle Lipstick to The Boston Symphony Orchestra

Welcome to our 40th edition of Heads-UP! This week we’ve been getting crafty, we discovered the hundreds of ways you can make you’re own natural makeup at home and learnt

StylistLive – A Call To Action

Every year, Stylist holds a beauty and lifestyle event that encapsulates the content featured in their magazine; beauty represented in the form of braid bars and social issues in the