Close your eyes and picture this:

You are about to enter the RE-UP House, the house of creative misfits.

A straight black and white building with distinctive lines – From afar it did not look as imposing, but now that you are in front of its 18 feet tall gate, it is rather impressive. It’s one-of-a-kind.

You reach to your pocket for the keys you have been mailed.
You pick the first of the three slots on the door. The gate slides open.
You start to wonder what would have happened if you had chosen any of the other two.

The gate leads straight into an immense open space – surrounded by smaller alcoves where people can retire to think, brainstorm and discourse.
There is a big black chalkboard in the centre of the room covered in formulas, graphs and sketches. Your favourite track is blowing through the speakers.
As the house dog greets you, you know you have arrived. It’s your house.

The house is a creative safe house. And we take great care it stays that way.
We structure all our work so the creative developments flow directly from our strategic thinking and the insights we collected.
Time for you to put your new brief through the process. Simple.