Heads-UP! #51: From Egyptian Motivational Quotes To Skyrocketing App Growth

Welcome, welcome to our weekly Heads-UP! By now you’ve become familiar with our little routine and look forward to reading our riveting facts every Friday. We won’t waffle too much, so, please, enjoy…

Motivational quotes and posters date back to 3350-2500 BC when Egyptian vizier Ptahhotep composed a book of motivational aphorisms aimed at young men –the first known collection of poster-worthy maxims (“Be not proud because thou art learned; but discourse with the ignorant man, as with the sage.”) – Cécile

WeChat now has 1 billion monthly users and they’re also now worth more than the behemoth that is… Facebook – Bill

From now on I’m going to give everyone my new word of the week. Today’s it, Apocrypha: writing’s or anecdotes of doubtful authenticity or authorship. (now you can call out your friends lies in the pub whilst sounding mildly like a genius). – Bill

The British Journal of Dermatology has just proved that there is a connection between acne & depression. “The increased risk for depression persisted only for the first five years after diagnosis. The risk was highest in the first year, when there was a 63 percent increased risk of depression in a person with acne compared to someone without”; however, the reasons are not 100% clear. – Laurent

“Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-a-lot was a call to see beauty in diversity. Sir Mix-a-lot used the song to blame the media for skewing the notion of beauty and hoped his music would empower women of all shapes and sizes. – Lynn via reddit 😉


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