Heads-UP! #50: From Snake Kissing To Broken Ballet Dreams

It’s our 50th Heads-UP! and to celebrate such a Momentus milestone in our blog, we’ve decided to give you something a little different. We’re opening up and letting you get to know us better with a game of Two Truths, One Lie. Let us know which of these facts doesn’t quite add up…


  • I’m still a little afraid in the dark.
  • I really do not get the matcha hype, it tastes dusty.
  • I won a beauty pageant when I was younger.


  • I was hit by a car when I was little.
  • I’m afraid to be alone, in a house, a car, pretty much anywhere I could be murdered.
  • I’ve been bitten by a pig.


  • I won with my team the national high school contest for TV show 100% questions.
  • My first internship was for the British Council in Essex…
  • I have a Greek passport.


  • Somehow I made it onto Mensa’s Gifted & Talented list as a child.
  • As one of the clumsiest team members, it’s by sheer luck and amazement that I have never broken a bone. Clearly, I’m made of resilient stuff 😉
  • Although it’s a long way down the line, I’m technically a princess in Zimbabwe.


  • My Congolese name is Tariku.
  • I kissed a boa (snake) with the tong (and it was okay).
  • I was a baby model for the French clothing shops Kiabi.


  • I got hit by a truck on my way to high school 10 years ago.
  • I still sleep with my stuffed animals.
  • My parents have llamas in our garden.


  • I once got a picture with a guy thinking it was George Clooney in a London bar but it was actually just a bloke that looked like George Clooney… He went along with it and my friends told me later on.
  • I didn’t learn to ride a bike until I was 11 years old, before that I used to follow my friends down the road on their bikes with a skipping rope.
  • I once got a miscellaneous item stuck so far up my nose that I had to go to A&E and they used a hoover to suck it out.


  • I worked as an investment analyst before deciding I should embrace a career in advertising.
  • I trained to become a ballet dancer (a “petit rat de l’opera”) but I broke a leg and had to reconsider my career plans.
  • I own a right-hand drive classic mini cooper.



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