Heads-UP #33: From Mushroom Leather to Queen Beyonce

YAAAY! It’s October and we are so ready for Halloween. We’ve been brushing up on our classic horrors and 0f course, digital nightmares, so expect some grizzly (and potentially, awesome) facts in the coming weeks.  Anyway, without further ado, here is our latest Heads-UP!

  • A study by Neoterik UK found that 82% of women believe social media is influencing the way we view beauty today. – Krish
  • In a school year, if your child is 5-minute late every day, they lose 3.5 days from school a year, or actually 20 lessons (source: Regent High School). Time matters! It also applies to work 😀 – Laurent
  • The most popular photo on Instagram has more than 11 million likes. Is there even a question that it’s of Queen Bey? – Myriam

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  • Frankenstein was the name of the creator, not the monster. – Marco
  • You can make leather out of mushrooms; vegans rejoice. – Bill
  • The Olympic logo was designed to represent each continent and at least one of the colours is featured on every flag! – Lynn



  • October 9, 2017, 7:10 am  Reply

    MuSkin (Mushroomlayer) is a 100 % vegetable layer (peel). It comes from the external layer (peel) of the Phellinus ellipsoideus, a kind of gigantic mushroom. MuSkin is #animalfree #crueltyfree #chemicalfree #oilfree #notoxictanning
    It’s important point out that it’s not a fabric and It’s not animal leather.

    It can be use to make shoes, bags, accessories and other applications like fabric or leath

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