Heads-Up #32: From Recycled Jeans to The Return of Blue Planet

Hello, and welcome, to this week’s Heads-UP.  This week, we put on our hard hats and got digging to learn all about new recycling initiatives and how one of the most irritating ads, lead to a lot of success for one brand.

  • Lara Croft was originally a created as a South American woman named Laura Cruz. – Lynn
  • The most watched video on YouTube has recently changed crown… To Despacito. 🙁 – Bill
  • The biggest shop on eBay (based on the amount of positive feedback) is MusicMagpie. You know, the guys that make those annoying adverts are actually also an eBay shop – Bill, again
  • Denim brand G-Star Raw was the first company in the world to make denim from recycled ocean plastic. – Myriam

  • The median number of friends the average Millennial Facebook user has in their network is 250 – Marco
  • The first pencil skirt came to life with Christian Dior, as part of his “H-Line” collection of 1954 (referring to the silhouettes he was creating with parallel lines). Dior shifted the emphasis from the waist to the hip. – Laurent
  • After a 6-year break, Blue Planet II is making it back to the screens and we literally can’t wait! – Fabienne


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