Heads-UP #26: From Advertising History to Pizza Pics

Welcome, welcome to the latest edition of Heads-UP, the teams weekly collection of interesting, quirky and occasionally eerie facts! This week we’ve tried to define the intangible ‘holistic beauty’ and confirmed that pizza is indeed the greatest food.

The meaning of holistic (in terms of beauty) is nothing to do with veganism – although they do often go hand in hand – it’s to do with joining the dots of beauty and health. For example, holistic beauty focuses on prevention for skin aging rather than covering up the aging once it has occurred. – Bill

Pharrell uses the same signature four beat count for all his songs – Lynn

“The Facebook” was a real thing – it’s not something that your parents say. When Facebook first launched, an edited version of Al Pacino’s face was included on the website banner. This was back when Facebook was still known as “The Facebook.” – Krish

Almost 80% of the time spent on social media happens on the mobile. – Kirit

There are 15 million brands active on Instagram as of today. – Fabienne

No one really knows when the first advertising agency was set up: was it with the promotion of gladiator fights? Or connected to mass consumption after the Second World War? – Laurent

Pizza is the most popular Instagrammed food, behind sushi and steak.  – Myriam



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