Heads-UP #25

Welcome to the latest Heads-Up, our weekly round up of interesting and occasionally weird facts. This week we learnt a lot about women in the market and and just how popular Kylie Jenner really is.

  • Babies can only see black and white when they are born. – Myriam
  • In 2016, women in lead roles in films took only 29 percent of the top 100 films. (Up 7% from 2015 though). – Laurent
  • Women are responsible for more than 80% of all purchasing decisions. – Lynn
  • In Korea there is a trend of couples dressing exactly the same as each other. The origins have come from couple’s inability to show affection in public without prosecution. – Bill
  • 136,000 photos are uploaded to Facebook every 60 seconds. – Kirit
  • Blogs are 63% more likely to influence purchase decisions than magazines. – Maïa
  • It’s painful to hear but there are 165,000 searches per month for “kylie jenner instagram”. – Krish
  • In Cyprus, Santa Claus is called Basil – Marco
  • The influencer marketing industry on Instagram is valued at over $1Bn – Fabienne


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