Heads-UP #3: From driverless cars to old school Nokia’s

It’s that time of again guys, your weekly dose of facts from the guys at RE-UP.

I know you’re all tired by this point of the week, so sit back, relax and give yourself a little break by reading this article. Five minutes never hurt anyone?

  • I learnt driverless cars will affect the music industry. Okay, not so much cars, but driverless trucks will affect the music industry big time. Imagine a truck ride in the US or Brazil where it takes a few days to cross the country. how do they entertain themselves? Radio. Who will be listening to radio in the future? and how music publishers will compensate the cut in radio right revenues? – Efrem
  • THE NOKIA 3310 IS BACK! Long live the world’s hardest phone – Billnokia 3310 meme
  • The Simpson paradox tells a lot about the filter bubble. It’s basically the effect of the observed explanatory variable on the explained variable changes directions. When you account for the lurking explanatory variable, you’ve got a Simpson’s Paradox. – Laurent
  • Human saliva has a boiling point three times that of regular water. – Marco
  • Move Over Millennials: Generation Z Is The Retail Industry’s Next Big Buying Group! In a recent study conducted by IBM, based on research from more than 15,000 consumers aged 13-21 from 16 countries. With mobile phone being the favourite device for 75%, 67% of them still prefer buying things in a store most of the time vs using a web browser (website) 22% and an app 13%. Long live the brick and mortar shop? – Pierre

  • I learned that ‘Yappy Hours’ are ‘happy hours’ for dogs – the concept is that a dog deserves a break too! There are some restaurants in the US that are now offering ‘Yappy Hours’ during the weekend – Tina

There you go guys. We hope you had as much fun reading them as we did collating them. Now you can go back to working. 🙁

But hey, chin up… it’s Friday after all!

Cya next week.


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