Heads-UP #2: from racist presidents to chimpanzee’s bums

So here we have it folks, our second edition of Heads-UP. A weekly round up of the most interesting – and sometimes bordering bizarre – facts that the RE-UP team learnt this week.

You might not be able to brag to your marketing friends about them, but you’ll sure look like a genius at your friends dinner (or house) party

  • Hair shampoos all have surfactants. The most popular is sodium lauryl sulphate. One end of this molecule is hydrophilic which means that it remains in the water; the other is hydrophobic and attaches to the dirt (meaning it cleans the hair when you wash it). – Laurent
  • I learnt that there is no limit to Trump’s disgusting racism, as his #MuslimBan clearly proves. We won’t stand for it, and in the words of Strangers Things creator David Harbour, “We will hunt monsters”. – Andrea

Donald Trump muslim ban news

  • I learned the latin expression jus cogens which means: principles which form the norms of international law that cannot be set aside. Such as slavery, torture, wars of aggression and territorial aggrandizement… And muslim bans, walls, etc. – Lucile
  • Chimpanzees are as good at recognising each other’s bottoms as humans are at recognising faces. – Krish
Chimpanzee bum analysis
A chimpanzee is asked to match upright and inverted images of faces, buttocks and feet. The image in the top-right shows distinguishing features of chimpanzee buttocks (left) and human faces (right) Credit: Mariska E. Kret
  • On the 26th of January Australia celebrates their National Day. However this date is criticised as it actually celebrates the arrival of the first British ships in the country! So, Indigenous Australians do not consider this date as their National Day but call it ‘Invasion Day’ – the day they lost their country and culture… – Tina
  • Tina is absolutely fascinated by Australian culture after mentioning them twice in a row for Heads-UP. Maybe we’re going to start seeing a theme… – Bill
  • When Twister was released (the game not the film) in 1966, it was denounced by critics as “sex in a box.” – Marco

  • According to Kaspersky, one-in-four people (28%) admit they get upset if somebody who matters to them doesn’t like their posts, rising to 29% of men. – Laurent (again).

We would apologise to any Trump fans out there BUT… I think we all agree that the Muslim ban is ridiculous and if you don’t we have the perfect website for you.

Until next week, we’ve been RE-UP and this has been Heads-UP.


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