5 minutes with Matthieu Chéreau (Tigerlily) on Social Business & digital channels management

We’ve been using Tigerlily platform a lot for our clients. We wanted to get  some views on the future of social business and digital channels management by Tigerlily’s CEO, Matthieu Chéreau.
Why Tigerlily and more generally social marketing platforms are key for brands?
Tigerlily helps brands become social businesses :
  • they can engage users, meets clients’ demands and increase loyalty
  • collaborate easily across different departments (marketing, customer service, communication, etc)
  • they can identify what interest users the most and focus on earned media and conversions
How a partnership with an agency like RE-UP adds value to brands?
Re-up is offering all the necessary added-value to fully leverage the Tigerlily platform with its complementary services : strategy inputs, social guidelines, key contents and campaigns idea, detailed reports and recommandations. Those services will help brand to optimize their social marketing actions even more and boost sales.
Digital trends in 2014: what are the key trends that are rising for digital marketers?
The first trend has to do with POEM : marketers need to get the big picture and access all the insights all at once regarding their organic and paid actions. For instance, they will need to access all conversions data on their organic and paid Facebook posts. We already provide that.
The second has to do with users : businesses need to be more user-centric, that requires access to all the necessary users’ information : activity, influence, past conversations, etc. It is the only way to communicate in a more relevant and efficient way across departments.
Digital marketers will be more savvy in terms of social ads, and will invest more to extend their reach (with mobile boosting impressions) and target users better (with Custom audiences, look-a-like audiences and FBX).


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