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The founders
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Laurent Francois

Executive Creative Strategist

LAURENT FRANCOIS is the former Ogilvy’s head of 360° Digital Influence (2009 Large Agency of the Year, PRNews). He then launched a digital department in a media group, inspired by freemium models, to diversify revenue streams (Best 2011 innovation & diversification awards, LPAF). He works for several FMCG brands, shaping their digital playbooks, but also for guerrilla projects. Laurent writes on fashion & trends (Vice, L’Express Styles) and marketing (SMT, The Wall). He founded French Ideas in 2012, with a network of strategists in London, Paris & Hong Kong.

chris aldhous

Chris Aldhous

Executive Creative Director

CHRIS ALDHOUS won over 40 awards including 2 Gold Cannes Lions for the HYPE pop-up art gallery project he created across Europe for Hewlett Packard. It became the working inspiration for GOODPILOT, the agency he co-founded five years ago, dedicated to developing deeper, more meaningful ways for brands to engage with creative communities across multiple platforms. His latest project, Ghosts of Gone Birds, involves over 180 artists, writers and poets and is designed to raise a creative army for conservation.


Pierre Humeau

Brand Engineer

PIERRE HUMEAU started his advertising career in Hamburg. Setting up the French dependence of Springer & Jacoby, managing high-profile accounts across a variety of sectors and winning an Effie case for Mercedes-Benz, eventually led him to London to take responsibility of the Volvo Europe account. A structured framework, a simple idea, a wealth of executions allowing creatives to express their talents that’s what he likes. In 2008 he co-founded GOODPILOT to do just that. He now focuses on creating content for brands and finding new and innovative ways to distribute it.


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Digital Love: How We Fall in Love in the Era of Social Media

If Internet is made of servers, cables and electronic components, the magic of its technological chemistry lies in our ability to make it an emotional territory.

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  • mad men
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Creativity: getting the balance right

What is creativity and more importantly creative process? It’s something we all talk about in agency land – but it’s a difficult thing to get right. Creativity is something we hold on a pedestal – not everyone has it, but most people want it. It gives off a sense of being free in thought and unrestrained by the worries of the masses. A creative person is an engineer of dreams, taking things to a point of perceived heightened brilliance, driven by a multitude of instincts. However, how do you take creativity, reign it in to fit a brief and still have a creative idea that the entire agency and more importantly the client is happy with.

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Cobra – Not Quite So Smooth…

You’re off to your local and you order your standard pint of Stella or Fosters. But how would you feel if you ordered a pint of Cobra, without the accompaniment of a lamb karahi, pilau rice and peshwari naan?

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Make people happy again

The latest ad from Cadillac came out last month. It is such a good pendant to Clint Eastwood and his “It’s half time in America”, or Eminem’s Detroit love declaration – seen from the other end of the spectrum though. Blue collar vs White collar.

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