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At RE-UP, we take immense pride in the work we do.

And comparatively to the energy and the time we put into our work, we have little ego.
We love to involve brilliant minds in our process.
We thrive in the exchange of ideas, and can recognise and acknowledge when someone else’s idea is great and is better than our own.

We are the advanced outpost in the new social media landscape.
The place where old school meets new school, with good old traditional working ethics and a contemporary symbiotic way of approaching campaigns.

We are the safe house that creativity needs.
We build strong foundations to support our creative work, with the backup of social media monitoring and trend analysis that lets creative people do what they do best.

We are the problem-solving tailor.
We don’t do turnkey or off-the-shelves solutions, everything we do is bespoke and collaborative.
We will never do the job for our clients, we do the job with our clients.

Born in April 2014, in London, RE-UP doesn’t believe in borders, with clients in Paris, Geneva, Amsterdam and L.A..
Stemming from the desire to deliver ideas and executions which make a difference for consumers and client alike, we are fully independent and report to no shareholders.  We work solely in the interests of our clients.
With 15+ talented individuals from 6 different nationalities, we like to think that we have a sound understanding of European and international cultures.



We eavesdrop on conversations and make something of it. Social listening is what we do day-to-day. After all, what people say matters the most. This leads us to influencer mapping and strategic planning which go hand in hand – we eye up the talents and tribes and help bring a rationale to our clients.


Content development is at the heart of what we do. Our clients ask us to create chemistry with their communities and we do just that, by embarking on co-creation with talents and consumers. That’s how the magic happens.


Defining the core content direction and context of the brands we work with, give us the answer to creating coherent and iconic content – we like to call it our ‘magic equation’. Social optimisation is another element that we bring to the table – transforming something static into something with a pulse.


We like to implement a ‘Digital Champions’ network with all of our clients, meaning we like to bring them all on the same page and unite them with a single shared mission. And with paid social media tactics we can really give a chance to organic content.


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